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10, 17 & 24 August 2019 – Listening Skills Training for Universify, Oxford

Training in listening skills for volunteers at Universify, Oxford.

Universify is a charity committed to educational equality.

Universify’s vision is for all students to reach their potential in education. They work with students from non-traditional backgrounds to promote educational equality. One important aspect of the programme is that they train volunteers to be coaches for the students involved in the programme.

For more information about the charity Universify, go to https://universifyeducation.com/

27 & 29 August 2019 – Staff Development Training for the Oxford University Prospects Programme

Connect Peer Support will be delivering sessions for the Oxford Prospects Programme to participants from Chinese universities – academics, counsellors, and those at the top of the organisational structure – on peer support, listening skills and setting boundaries with students.

The Oxford Prospects and Global Development Institute (OPGDI) is an interdisciplinary body which aims to promote discussion and inspire new ideas among students, scholars, and distinguished figures (including academics, policy makers and industrial leaders), focusing on the development of China-UK relations in the light of present day globalization.


13-16 January 2020 -Training for Peer Support Trainers, University of Antwerp, Belgium.

More information to come…


7 June 2019 – 1st China-UK University Student Support and Counselling Service Conference, Oxford

Talk Title: Peer Support Programmes: promoting inclusivity, equality, community and belonging

24-26 June 2019 – Training for Peer Support Trainers, Oxford, UK

About the training

Connect Peer Support Training for Peer Support Trainers is open to professionals working in the counselling, wellbeing, mental health, disability, psychology or student advisor fields and are:

  • Exploring the possibility of setting up a peer support programme in your institution
  • In the process of setting up a peer support programme
  • Already running a programme and want to have more peer support trainers trained, both to run trainings and reflective practice groups for trained peer supporters
  • Are trying to understand how a Peer Support Programme can fit into your setting, especially one that already has a multitude of peer programmes

The course is both didactic and experiential and includes:

  • Research and theory behind Peer Support Programmes
  • Ideas about how a Peer Support Programme can fit into your setting
  • Key steps to setting up and running a successful peer support programme
  • Experiential sessions to understand the training material from both the trainer’s and the peer supporter’s perspective
  • How to use feedback and facilitation skills for successful training
  • Troubleshooting problematic group situations
  • Top tips for successful training and reflective practice
  • A certificate on completion of the course



24 – 26 June 2019


Jurys Inn, Oxford

For accommodation:

Jurys Inn, Oxford


Oxford Rooms, St Hugh’s College

Jurys Inn is located in North Oxford, so please bear that in mind when setting up accommodation.


Training for Peer Support Trainers                                                                       £630

The cost of the training includes all material, coffee and tea, lunch, and an electronic copy of Peer Support in Colleges and Universities: A Training Manual, by Anne Ford (RRP 55 GBP).

About the trainer


Your trainer, Anne Ford, has over 38 years of experience in peer support programmes – at Oxford University and other institutions in the UK and USA – and has run training for peer support trainers in the UK (Oxford University, Glasgow, Oxford) and Estonia (University of Tartu, Tallinn University). She is enthusiastic about all things peer support, and looks forward to sharing her knowledge, thinking and passion with you.


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Training for Peer Support Trainers


24 May 2019 – Training for Staff at the University of East Anglia Student Union

A one day training for Student Union staff at UEA on running peer support programmes, with a focus on how to best co-ordinate, oversee and supervise the myriad student-led programmes that exist.

April 2019 -Training for Peer Support Trainers, Estonia

We are delighted to be partnering with the University of Tallinn, in rolling out a Connect Peer Support Training for Trainers for counsellors across Estonia. The training will take place over three days in April 2019, and will be both didactic and experiential.

18 participants will join Connect Peer Support for the Training for Peer Support Trainers, all of whom will be looking at the needs of their institutions and how Connect Peer Support Training will fit for them, as well as experiencing Peer Support training from the perspective of a student. Ultimately, the counsellors will be in the position to set up and run a Connect Peer Support training for students in their institutions.

We are excited to meet everyone on the 9th of April!