Who are we?

Connect Peer Support offers Peer Support Programme training, supervision and consultancy, as well as Relaxation, Wellbeing and Self-Care workshops. Anne W. Ford, MSW, MBACP, has over thirty-eight years of experience in training individuals in Peer Support and training Peer Support trainers. During this time, Anne has worked extensively in the higher education field, where she was both a counsellor and developed and ran the Oxford University Peer Support Programme through the Counselling Service.

In addition, she has worked with professionals and young people in the US and UK, and has trained Peer Supporters and Peer Support trainers in the UK, Estonia, Italy and the United States. Anne is passionate about developing communication skills to improve the well-being of others, and to increase a sense of belonging through building inclusive communities. In a world that is increasingly digitally connected, but increasingly lonely, this is more pivotal than ever.

What is Peer Support?

Peer Support is nothing new – we have always leant on our peers in times of need or for day-to-day support. Professional and clinically developed Peer Support training recognises this reality, and aims to equip members of communities to have the skills to listen and communicate clearly, while also enabling them to recognise when a peer may need professional forms of support. For more details on training, see our Training Programme page.

Who is Peer Support for?

A Peer Support Programme or training can benefit any social environment – from universities and schools, to any kind of professional work-place. Regardless of the type of institution and the people who make it up, over the years it has become clear that the power of Peer Support is that it transcends culture and language barriers in a profound way, helping to promote inclusivity, connection and belonging.

Some of the places in which Anne has run trainings include:

  • Paediatric Oncology Unit in a Children’s Hospital (US)
  • Schools (US)
  • Community College (US)
  • Universities (UK, Estonia, Belgium)
  • Executive MBA Programme (UK)
  • Housing Associations (UK)
  • Youth Homelessness Programme (UK)

In addition, Anne has been running peer support groups for therapists during lockdown and as things have been opening up. If you are interested in joining such a group, get in touch!

Read our testimonials to find out how Peer Support has impacted our participants!

For more specific information about trainings and workshops,  please contact us.