Connect Peer Support offers a number of bespoke services including training groups in Peer Support, training Peer Support Trainers, as well as Peer Support consultancy and workshops on relaxation, well-being and self-care. Find more information below (please contact us for rates and fees):

Peer Support Training

Training for Trainers

Peer Support Trainer Supervision

Peer Support Consultancy

Relaxation Workshops

Wellbeing and Self-care Workshops

Peer Support for therapists and essential workers – NEW!

Anne runs peer support groups for therapists and essential workers, which offer a safe and intimate space for people to share their experiences, offer to and receive support from those in a similar role to them. This has been especially important in the face of Coronavirus, both during lockdown and as restrictions ease.

Anne offers groups that run for six weeks on zoom, one hour per week. For more information and/or to book a place click here.

Peer Support Training – New on zoom!

Based on Anne’s published manuals, Connect Peer Support runs a 30 hour peer support training that focuses on support and referral skills. Training is experiential and works to build emotional intelligence and enhance communication skills in the participants, to enable them effectively and safely to support their peers.

For more detailed information, see our Training Programmes page.

Training for Trainers – New on zoom!

This training is for professionals who are currently setting up and/or running, or would like to set up and run a peer support programme in their setting.

The course is both didactic and experiential.

For more detailed information, see our Training Programmes page.

Peer Support Trainer Supervision

It is important that those providing peer support training and supervision in their institutions have a place to reflect on their experiences. It is essential that trainers are given space to think about what is going well and what challenges they are facing in their role, and to ensure they are practicing self-care. Connect Peer Support offers supervision to Peer Support Trainers/Supervisors running Peer Support Training in their organisations in the UK and internationally. Supervision is available both 1:1 and through Skype.

Peer Support Consultancy

Whether you have a Peer Support Programme up and running or are in the early stages of considering if such a programme is viable in your institutions, Connect Peer Support offers professional consultancy based on years of experience in the field. We offer a one-off consultancy, ongoing consultancy or project-based consultancy, depending on your needs. A needs assessment will be performed to clarify how peer support can fit into or be expanded in your setting.

Wellbeing and Self-care Workshops

It is important to take time to re-charge and rejuvenate, especially when we live busy lives. It is easy to neglect some aspect of our well-being – physical, emotional, psychological, personal, social, spiritual, professional – when we are busy, experiencing Mental Health difficulties, and/or feel external and internal pressure to perform in some way.

Connect Peer Support creates bespoke workshops for groups and organisations to engender emotional intelligence, strengthen communication skills, and to develop strategies for wellbeing and self-care in day-to-day life. All workshops are a mix of didactic, interactive, experiential and practical approaches. Participants will have the opportunity to reflect on how they approach self-care and wellbeing and what they can do to ensure they practice it on a regular basis.

All sessions include time to practice breathing and relaxation techniques.

app-logo“The Self-care Session opened up the opportunity to really deeply consider what we all needed as individuals to be well and take care of ourselves. For me, it was an opportunity to really delve into my self-wellbeing and not just consider a quiet five minutes emptying the dishwasher (unencumbered by children) as the best my self-care could get!

I was amazed just how much I got from the few short exercises with Anne considering self-care. Her reflections of self-care were very usefully summarised, explaining that we know that if we give attention to our wellbeing, and act with kindness and compassion to ourselves – we are stronger and more resilient and can connect to those around us in a more meaningful way.” Rachel Evans, Assistant Peer Support Co-ordinator, Action on Postpartum Psychosis