Thriving in Middle Age: a group for women 45+

I hope you are staying well during this disrupted and dislocating time.

Due to COVID-19, all in person groups, trainings, workshops and lectures have been postponed or cancelled for the time being. I am happy to discuss running groups on zoom or another platform, to see how this might fit with your needs. If this is of interest to you, please contact me on or through the contact page.


  • Do you struggle with just who you are in your life right now?

    Are you wondering: Is this it? What’s next?

    Do you find yourself longing for something, but you aren’t sure what?

    Are you looking for more confidence, connection and a sense of belonging?

Middle life can be a tricky developmental time as we search for meaning in where we have been and where we are headed. It is a time to pause for reflection, to catch up with our self, to notice. It is a time where we might be thinking about relationships, families, children leaving home, ageing parents and our changing bodies.

For women in particular, it is a time in which we might feel invisible or be struggling with the menopause. It is important for us to be able to share our experiences in a safe space and to connect with others in order to be seen.

Thriving in Middle Age is a support group that offers a chance for women to connect to other women who share similar experiences as they navigate midlife.

The group will run for four 1 ½ hour sessions over a four-week period in March 2020. The sessions will focus on transitions women experience as we enter midlife, and how these experiences impact us emotionally, socially and physically. This is a time in our lives when we need support, to have safe spaces to show vulnerability and to have a sense of belonging.

In the first session, we will have a meet-and-greet which will offer participants the opportunity to get to know each other, hear more about the remaining sessions and speak to the facilitators. The sessions are experiential, with the focus being on peer support from the group.

Who runs the group?

IMG_5817 (2)Anne Ford is a psychodynamic counsellor who has worked over the past 30 years in a variety of settings: hospitals, housing associations, schools and universities. Her main focus is on developing and running peer support groups for all ages and has a keen interest in working with groups to promote inclusivity, belonging, connection and well-being.

 Is a group for me?

Groups offer a safe space to share and to receive a broad range of insights into the experiences shared. This is especially important for women who are experiencing the transitions of entering middle age, defined as 45-65 years old, and all that may go with this.

One such transition is the change in our bodies due to menopause, a difficult time for many. One thing is known: talking about it reduces isolation and worry and increases connection and reassurance. As with any concern, getting it out in the open is often the first step to making it feel more manageable and less anxiety-producing.

New group dates and times TBA